Van Asten, January 2021 – €5448.98 saved, 22291.6 Kg less CO2

Van Asten - Inno+

The van Asten family built a new piglet house in 2019. This new piglet house has room for more than 19,600 piglets and yet the animals have an area of 0.4m2 per animal. The piglet house is no ordinary house; it is equipped with the latest techniques in the field of feed, hygiene and climate.

Together with Van Asten, Inno+ has developed an exceptional Triple EEE system that creates a very noticeable and pleasant climate. A concrete result is that the units remain clean and pig coughing is no longer noticeable in the entire barn. This system is also capable of generating 49.6kW of thermal energy (COP 49.6) with 1kW of electrical energy.

Huge savings

The incoming air is pre-heated by groundwater and in the second stage by energy obtained from a heat pump. As a result, the incoming air is always warmer than minimum 7 °C (see graph below). In the summer, the system is able to cool the incoming air, this creates a constant climate. An additional advantage is that the departments can be ventilated more, resulting in lower ammonia and CO2 concentrations. This contributes to the health of the animals. The climate is also continuously monitored by temperature, ammonia, CO2 and RH sensors.

Temperatuurverhouding biggenstal

The Triple EEE system generated 112.244 kWh of thermal energy with only 2263.1 kWh of electrical energy during January 2021, resulting in a Coefficient Of Performance (COP) of 49.6.

  • Translated into euros, this means a saving of €5448.98, a total saving of 96% energy cost.
  • Furthermore, in January the company emitted 22291.6Kg less CO2 by pre-heating the air.

Feel free to download the climate report for all details.

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