Size matters for a poultry air scrubber system?

Air scrubber system of Inno+

Size in UK poultry farming.

Over the last year Inno+ with its business partners have been busy responding to interest in our Pollo air scrubber for the UK poultry market. This technology comes in two forms, a module and built-in. Both systems are based on our DLG certified 6260 for broilers , 6344 for layers and are simple single stage chemical air scrubbers. This response is the result of a change in the rules on permitting for UK poultry buildings, where some local authorities now require farms to address air emissions. In many cases using our certificate as the benchmark.

So what does this mean to someone  planning to build a poultry house.

First, if the local authority insists on the introduction of air scrubber technology to meet a particular standard, it usually means they have referred to an expert air modeller who has made a full assessment of the situation. In many cases these experts will refer to existing assessment protocols such as DLG to get an indication of the potential risks and outcomes. The assumption is that certified methodologies developed over many years, provide sound evidence that systems built to meet the given criteria, will work in practice. This is not to say others system won´t. But risk aversion is about providing guarantees and proven technologies in theory come closer to that. Likewise, it is also understood that a ´certified system´ if challenged beyond the norm, may not deliver. In these cases the issue is usually found within the production itself (eg. feed or manure management) or maintenance of equipment that can be resolved by the farmer or technical support team.

That said, when the local authority makes a ruling based on a certified standard. The permit is then granted using this as the foundation for acceptance and as such the rules under which the farm must comply, regards building design.

Sledge hammer to crack a nut

Over the last year, we have frequently been accused of forcing systems into the market much larger or more expensive than need be. In one way there is an element of truth in this. Our air scrubber systems regularly outperform the levels set out in our certification. We for instance regularly register 0 ppm ammonia output or ´no odour´ detectable from our air scrubbers. In these cases, it could be argued, why build such a large air scrubber when something a third of the size will do? The reason being that the perfect situation is not always reality and of course we don´t make the rules. The sledge hammer therefore becomes the guarantee authorities and society are looking for and as such we believe sticking to the advice given by the air modelling experts. This reduces the risk of the farmer getting in trouble with the regulators, that could ultimately lead to production being closed down and the ‘licence to produce’ suspended.

Cutting corners of air scrubber systems: not an option

We have frequently been asked to deliver smaller air scrubber systems. For example a unit that handles 25, 50 or 120,000 m3/hour air capacity for a house of  50,000 broilers or 16,000 layers that requires considerably more for permitting. In these cases we do not cut corners. Yes it is possible a smaller unit with ‘good production’ could meet the levels of reduction required, but there are no guarantees and again the rules say otherwise.

Diagram of the air scrubber of Inno+

This chart gives an indication of levels of reductions based on maximum air capacity as set out in the DLG, eg. 6260 broilers (For the exhaust cleaning system to achieve the separation capacities in table 1 it is necessary to operate the system continuously and as specified from the 7th day of growing. It must be ensured the cleaning system delivers 70% of the maximum summer air flow rate (exhaust air cleaning design rate) that is required according to the German order on protection of animals and the keeping of production animals (4.5m3/kg live weight per hour).

TypeNumberMax air/animal/
Total m3/hAir through scrubber @70%Max surface load m3/m2 x hSurface area m2

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