First DLG certified air scrubber for UK Broiler chickens realized.

DLG certified air scrubber system

In the summer of 2020, JF McKenna began work on the first poultry site in the UK to be fitted with Inno+ air scrubbers. Our partnership was established during the second half of 2019, to offer a turnkey solution for broilers farmers incorporating air scrubbing. JF McKenna, as leading suppliers of poultry equipment in the UK, was the best choice for Inno+.

The two-house site, which produces over 100,000 birds per crop for Maelor Foods, is based in Powys, Wales and owned by farmer Gary Mountford & family. With a background in dairy farming, this was their first venture into the poultry business. When deciding which supplier to invest in, Gary chose JF McKenna based on recommendations, the quality of equipment and standard of service. On the completion of the project, the first crops went in at the beginning of February 2021 and so far, everything has been running exactly to plan.

Good level of emission reduction from proven technology

Due to permit and planning regulations it was required that we delivered a level of abatement that met the rigorous DLG certified standards for emission reduction from broilers. This certification involves testing to ensure the technology used delivers reduction in ammonia and dust of over 90% and of odour to 40%.

For more information, download a copy of the DLG certificate.

    Integrated into the building

    The air scrubber system used for this project was designed as a built-in system. This means the technology is built into the end of the building at the point of exhaust, as opposed to being shipped as a module or ‘box’, more commonly seen in pig production where air volumes are lower. The system includes a washing table where the air makes contact with the wash water and a separate technical room where the washing process is controlled. For this particular build, permitting required the air scrubber manages a maximum of 350,000m3 of air/hour/house during the hot summer periods. In this way, the levels of emission reduction required can be met throughout the year.

    Fully automated, low maintenance, best performance.

    The system is fully automated, regulating the levels of pH and Nitrogen for optimal performance. The nitrogen concentration in the wash water is measured and this is automatically pumped to a storage tank when the concentration reaches the set threshold. The air washer is then replenished with fresh water and acid. The system can be monitored remotely via the cloud and the farmer can generate a performance report if required.

    Along with the air scrubbers, JF McKenna also supplied a full range of Ventilation, Feeding, Bird Weighing, & Farm Management systems. The design and delivery of the project was completed in conjunction with Knights Construction Ltd, Powell & Co. Construction Ltd, and David Iwan Jones Electrical Contractors Ltd.

    Inno+ would like to thank the McKenna team, for the smooth running of this project during the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic. We also wish Gary and his family the best of luck with their future in Poultry Farming.

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