Viking Adventures!

This month our International service manager Grant Barden visited Ringe in Denmark to set up two ‘Underfloor’ Air Scrubbers for the start of VERA testing this month.

With our global deployment of air scrubbing and energy recovery systems, we reach all corners of the world delivering solutions. We have recently sent two INNO+ Underfloor, multi stage Air Scrubbers for our sister company Skov in Denmark.
This exciting innovation sees a radical step in the process of extraction and the scrubbing of air through a ventilated floor. Doing it this way means the levels of odour are much higher than with a traditional system of exhausting through the end wall of roof.

To achieve this we have designed a three-stage Air Scrubber.

  • First, the air passes across a Chemical stage where a vertical filter package is sprayed with water treated with acid and maintained at pH2.9. This stage is used to reduce the ammonia and dust levels in the air.
  • Second, a vertical package is sprayed with pH neutral process water. This is used for Neutralisation to prevent acid from the first stage going into the wood of the third stage. It also has the effect of washing residue dust from the first stage, which has an additional effect on the odour reduction.
  • Third, is a Biological process where a root Wood wall is intermittently sprayed with fresh water. This stage is used to reduce odour levels.

During the visit, we tuned and adjusted the parameters of the system to suit the client. A full inspection was carried out to ensure the equipment was in top condition ahead of testing. A process that will take a year before certification can be approved and the system is ready for market in 2021. Back at INNO+ Head Quarters in the Netherlands, we are able to remotely access the units, monitor the equipment and carry out further tests and checks via our data logging system. This ensures optimal performance at all times.

With the ever increasing demand on farmers to reduce emissions and strict restrictions set out by planning authorities. Inno+ are proud to have been invited to design such a system and look forward to completing the approval process and its success in helping Danish farmers meet their expansion plans.

For more information on this and other Air Scrubbers in the Inno+ product range, please contact: