User maintenance of air scrubber systems

User maintenance of air scrubbers – Online video manual for weekly checks.

Last month, Inno+ released a series of short videos through our service manager Grant Barden to help farmers with the weekly checks of their air scrubber technology. So why do we encourage user Level maintenance?

  • Availability – a well-maintained system will be ‘up and running’ constantly. In many cases, this is necessary to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Performance – regular maintenance will ensure correct operation such as ammonia, dust and odour reduction levels.
  • Cost – Good maintenance will reduce wear on the system and any potential malfunctions. This means less breakdown, visits by our engineers and keep the running costs down.
  • Condition – Good maintenance will keep an air scrubber in its best condition. Apart from performing better, this will make the installation a better, more pleasant and attractive environment to work in.
  • Safety – During maintenance, dangerous defects can be detected before they cause serious problems or harm the people working with the equipment.
  • Environmental – optimal performance will reduce energy waste to run the equipment at the same time reducing the risk of leaks, spills and other potentially environmentally hazardous, materials such as oil, chemicals or fuel.

In the six brief films, it is explained and demonstrated exactly what actions should be taken.


  • Checking and Cleaning the Filter Package and Drip Catchers
  • Checking and cleaning the Sprinklers
  • Cleaning the Conductivity Sensor
  • Cleaning the PH Sensors
  • Cleaning the Filter Pot
  • Analysis and extracting data

Our choice to use video means that the information is easy to follow with the convenience of being on your phone when working with the equipment. Contact us for more information or email us at