Two more CompoLiner air scrubbers shipped to China.

This month we shipped another two CompoLiner air scrubbers to China. These units have been ordered through our parent company Big Dutchman for their customer Tianijn Nongken, a state-owned company covering different food processing businesses such as pig, egg and milk production with around 15,000 employees. Since 2017, Tianjin Nongken have invested in equipment for one million layers from Big Dutchman. Since these have been in operation, they have achieved good economic results and social benefits. The re-cooperation on this new project, fully demonstrates the recognition and commitment Tianjin Nongken are making to the Big Dutchman group.

China has announced several strategies related to agricultural business.

This project is running under a program to make different provinces independent in food supply. Environmental regulations in China require that a certain amount of manure will be composted (drying & fresh manure not allowed in certain provinces such as Tianjin). Accordingly, the customer decided to go for CompoLiner with air scrubbing.

CompoLiner with Air scrubbing.

The introduction of CompoLiner and our air scrubber is to provide composting and emission reduction for a project involving, seven layer houses with 920,000 birds and six pullet houses with 400,000 birds. Apart from the four CompoLiner systems, the customer has also ordered two Optisec manure dryers. Optisec can dry the manure using exhaust air with almost no additional electricity cost, and the CompoLiner system can help produce optimal fertilizer with extremely low electricity cost, which means these are the most economical and practical manure treatment solutions in the market. With the addition of air scrubbing the compost produced, truly becomes a sustainable by product as the environmental impact in terms of air pollution is dramatically reduced. We believe this will be the future in compost production.

The CompoLiner Air Scrubber

module is developed for the Big Dutchman CompoLiner composting concept. These modules are completely prefabricated Air Scrubbers in a plastic housing, dimensioned such that one module can clean the exhaust air from one CompoLiner system. The module is fitted with a technical room on the side in which all the technical parts are mounted. This makes on-site placement as quick and easy as possible. Next to the technical room is a room for placement of the acid container, fitted with the acid pump, safety provisions and an emergency shower. The unit can be shipped in a high cube container, which makes transportation and installation very easy.

Big Dutchman and Inno plus bring a truly sustainable composting solution to the market

With the introduction of the Inno+ air scrubber into the Big Dutchman CompoLiner concept, we can now provide a solution for composting that is truly sustainable. One of the challenges for farmers and those responsible for Manure management is how to handle the emissions from compost production on site. With the increased awareness of society and authorities with regards to farm emissions, it becomes ever more important for us to address this challenge.

The CompoLiner air scrubber, which can clean up to 90% of ammonia and 70% of exhaust dust from the outgoing air. Significantly reduces the emissions from compoliner. This means the compost we put back into the ground that contributes to the formation of humus in the soil. This not only provides an organic alternative to industrially produced product, but also has minimum environmental impact whilst being produced.
Another benefit of this approach is that the by-product from air scrubbing, is liquid fertilizer in the form of ammonium sulphate, that can also be used to treat the land and crops. In short a win, win, win for animal production and circular agriculture.

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