Porcus and CompoLiner product launch

This month Inno+ launched its first product lines for the global pig and composting market with our parent company Big Dutchman. This included the Porcus and the CompoLiner air scrubbers and follows an intense period of development where we have been focussed on product standardisation to deliver simple, easy to maintain systems, that meet the highest performance specifications available today.

Complete plug and play prefabricated air scrubbers

The Porcus air scrubber module is available in both biological and chemical versions and designed for a wide variety of pig house installations. The units are built up in sections of 2,4 m length x 2,1 m depth and can be extended from 1 to 13 sections. The CompoLiner air scrubber is developed for the Big Dutchman CompoLiner composting concept, dimensioned such that one module can clean the exhaust air from one CompoLiner system. Next to the technical room is an area for placement of the acid container and fitted with the acid pump, safety provisions and an emergency shower. For both, the modules are ´complete´ prefabricated air scrubbers built in a plastic housing, fitted with a room in which all the technical parts are mounted. This makes on-site placement as quick and easy as possible. The  Porcus and CompoLiner modules are designed to fit into a 40 ft. HighCube container, which allows it to be transported by ship or truck.

Online workshop

To support the launch the Inno+ team made up of Simon Lague and Ron Doeze with our colleagues Julius Hamelmann and Franz Jozef Straub from the Big Dutchman Residue management team, ran three online workshops over two days on the 24th and 25th November. During these sessions they presented on, air scrubbing for pig and poultry farms with some background on environmental regulations, standards and certification. Air scrubber technologies available, waste water management and result reporting through information management. Ron Doeze then explained how to calculate the dimensions of an air scrubber when designing a system for optimal performance. Very useful background knowledge when helping customers to decide what their best options are. Finally Julius and Franz presented the various manure and composting systems available and the associated air scrubbing systems used to minimize emissions from these processes. The team also took opportunity to share ideas on the use of the Inno+ triple EEE system to recover heat and use to improve the manure drying process and reduce energy costs. Finally the group explained the opportunity for farmers to get a return on investment from the various by products of these processes, namely compost and fertilizer from the air scrubber wash water.

The general conclusion from the workshops was that, with the impending impact Climate change will have on our industry, through these product lines the Big Dutchman group are now in a good position to help our customers meet these challenges.

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