Pioneers evening at Inno+

At the end of last year we eventually took the opportunity to invite our pioneering farmers to Inno+ for an evening of discussion. This involved a little bit of mutual praise for what we have achieved over recent years and to reflect on the response from the sector.

Next generation climate systems

We covered a broad range of topics from, next generation climate systems, supply chain life cycle assessment, environmental sustainability and new innovations. We also discussed our blueprint for future farm building design and market adoption. Two very insightful presentations, one by Janjoris van Diepen from Blonk consultants, correcting some assumptions about what sustainable pig and chicken production is. Maurice Ortmans our CEO demonstrated our recently published environmental sustainability dashboard, which raised some eyebrows.

Next steps for new developments

Our pioneers also provided much input regards what they had learned during our years of development together. In general very pleased with how far the collaboration had brought them and clearly some strong opinions about the next steps. Several key actions came out of the event:

  • To decide how we communicate the progress made to the broader market.
  • Education of staff to help them maintain optimal performance of the systems we have developed.
  • It was also agreed the group should have more regular session to monitor progress and share ideas on new innovations.