Online Education – Porcus module South Korea

With the current global situation making it difficult for our engineers to travel, INNO+ continues to support our regional teams via online conferencing and webinars. At the end of May, we ran an online training course for our colleagues at Big Dutchman who are responsible for the installation and support of the first Porcus air scrubber in South Korea. During the session, our international service manager Grant Barden presented on all technical aspects of the Porcus unit, including installation, commissioning, checks and general housekeeping. Training modules included:

  • Porcus air scrubber
  • Component Parts
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance and housekeeping
  • Trouble shooting

After completing the training, we opened conversation for some great feedback questions. At the end of the morning, we concluded that the team were in a better position to support the technology and push forward with this first project.

To run this first session we used WebEx and whilst in the first few minutes there were a couple of teething issues, we soon resolved these and continued uninterrupted with good sound and visual quality throughout. We believe there is no true replacement for ‘face to face’, however this approach to communication will accelerate our ambition to spread our knowledge across the globe and help us in our goal to become market leaders.

For more information about our online training courses, please contact Grant Barden,