New livestock cooling concept of Inno+

Inno+ is a specialist in developing effective smart farming solutions. Recently, we developed a new way of livestock cooling for pig and poultry stables. The goal is to achieve an optimal climate for the animals all year round. In the winter period, incoming air is preheated with energy recovered from air scrubbers and for the summer Inno+ has developed a new cooling concept specifically for the cooling of farrowing and breeding stables. The last 2 summers have had a high impact on pig production. More signs of heat stress were visible. That’s why cooling stables is becoming more important each year. Based on market demand, Inno+ has developed a cooling concept for stables to solve the summer problems in sow farming.  This “airco” solution takes care of cooling and dehumidifying incoming air in stables, with the outside temperature always cooled down to 18°C. Over the past 2 years, there have been approximately 2,000 hours per year where the outside temperature was above 18°C. The result, loss in production many times greater than the investment in optimal cooling.

Koeling van binnenkomende lucht

Optimal livestock cooling in stables! How does it work?

Cold water of 10°C is produced with a cooling machine and is then sent through an air/water heat exchanger to the incoming air, which cools and dehumidifies it. In the past few days, we see moisture dripping down the heat exchangers in stables, which is a good thing as it means we are not adding moisture to the incoming air. Such as we would experience with other solutions such as pad or mist cooling.

The combination of this cooling method for cooling stables with solar panels is ideal. At times in the summer when there is a peak in the production of solar energy, there is also a peak in the energy absorbed by the chiller. The energy costs of the chiller are then eliminated by the company’s own production of solar energy.

Stalkoeling concept

Ultimate Climate – a combination of the new cooling concept with heat recovery

When the new cooling concept of Inno+ is combined with heat recovery in winter from the air scrubber, an even more interesting business model is created. By using the same heat exchangers and control unit for the air intake in both winter and summer, an optimal climate can be achieved in the stables all year round that brings a considerable saving on heating costs. So cooling stables as well as heating them becomes possible in the most efficient way. The first example of this is built on a farm in Panningen the Netherlands.

In the summer, the farrowing pen and farrowing house are cooled with a mechanical chiller, in the winter, the farrowing pen; farrowing house and piglet house are preheated using the energy from the air scrubber. The investment costs for cooling are therefore lower because the basic facilities of the installation are also used for pre-heating in the winter situation. Another major advantage of this solution is that the investment can take place under energy subsidy. For more information contact us here.

Cooling of livestock is becoming increasingly important

The cooling of livestock is becoming a more and more essential part of this business. In addition to a direct economic interest, there is also an interest regarding animal welfare and a strong social interest regards animal wellbeing. Certainly not forgetting, besides animal welfare, also the welfare of the people working in the stables under extreme warm conditions.

Are you curious about the new possibilities we have to offer in the field of cooling in the stables? Keep your cool and contact us below. We would like to tell you more about it and can provide you with very interesting figures of what cooling in the stables can bring you.

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