McDonalds and FFAR announce the winners of the Smart broiler project

Inno+ would like to congratulate our colleagues at Scio+ and Big Dutchman for winning a bid for the Smart broiler project. Simon Lague our Business development manager is part of this team as an advisor with regards to #Precisionlivestockfarming and monitoring animal welfare through technology.

Good welfare and business 24/7

The goal of the project is to monitor various aspects of broiler chicken behaviour through camera technology to prove good welfare 24/7. This includes leg conditions, movement and natural behaviour, all key elements commonly accepted under the five freedoms animal welfare protocol.

Additional benefits of this approach will allow farmers constant monitoring of animal behaviour to make predictions and better understand what is best for their animals. Also to provide an assessment tool for inspectors and offer better dialogue with consumers.

The impact of a major retailer taking this step is significant. As the world demand for animal protein increases, we will rely on technology to provide many of the answers to questions being asked. Whether it is to improve production efficiency or help farmers and advisors to better understand how the animals in their care experience good welfare. An information based blue print covering all aspects of animal production from efficiency, welfare, health and environment, will be the foundation for a future ‘licence to produce’.

Inno+ develops environmental dashboard

During 2019 whilst the negotiations were happening on this project, Inno+ was also busy with our consultancy partners Blonk associates delivering a protocol to measure environmental sustainability for Poultry and Pig production. This tool in combination with animal welfare monitoring as described above, takes us a step closer to measuring sustainability in an objective way. Will we see a day when the labelling on a Burger box is based on data extracted from farm technology? Well only time will tell.

Here is a link to our page on environmental dashboard –

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