Inno+ visit UK

To meet farmers and discuss explain air scrubbing and energy recovery

In January Inno+ was invited by JFMcKenna to meet farmers in the UK. Maurice Ortmans and Simon Lague took opportunity to hear opinions on recently developments in the market regards climate change. Also receiving keen interest from farmers as to how energy recovery could help recover the cost of air cleaning, providing a return on investment for those already working on tight margins.

Development of new sustainable stable systems

They also had the opportunity to present to a group of planning consultants and advisors where Maurice gave an in-depth explanation how air scrubbing and renewable energy had evolved, leading to the development of environmentally sustainable climate systems in the sector.

New environmental dashboard shows real environmental impact of stables

Apart from presenting on the various systems used to reduce environmental impact from pig and poultry farms. Maurice also took opportunity to show our recently developed environmental dashboard, which got a very positive reaction. The group could see that farmers keen to improve communication and provide evidence on low environmental impact farming, could use such a tool to dialogue with customers and society.

Learn more about our intelligent systems!

It you are interested receiving more information about Inno+ air scrubbing and energy recovery in the UK, please contact