Inno+: Shaping tomorrow. Performing today

Are you curious why world class pig and poultry stables choose for Inno+ ‘Air inside’?

With a growing global demand for animal protein, a significant decrease in the number of farmers and the desire to produce as sustainably as possible, there is a need for a new generation of intelligent stables worldwide. Our 4G Climate Strategy provides optimal conditions for animals, humans AND the environment.

Inno+ is the stable climate expert that considerably reduces:

  • Your energy use*;
  • Feed consumption;
  • Ammonia;
  • Odor;
  • Fine dust emissions.

* By making use of the heat from the animals, your business operations can even become energy neutral. Therefore Inno+ 4G Climate Strategy provides optimal conditions for animals, humans and the environment.

Results Inno+

From 600 ppm NH3 before Inno+ Air inside to 2 ppm after ‘Air inside’ from Inno+ in Japan and even 0 ppm in a new Dutch poultry stable for 64,000 broilers. We will publish more results soon.

If you want to know more from our Inno+ ‘Air inside’ concept, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!

‘The investment is more than recovered. Various benefits together make a big difference.’
Mark van Dijk owns pig farming with 1,250 sows and 4,500 meat pigs.

‘Working with the Inno+ team was great! They are open, innovative and smart’
Marcel Kuijpers – Owner of Kuijpers Kip (4 houses for 64,000 broilers each)