Inno+ introduces Triple EEE for farrowing and weaning houses at VIV Europe in Utrecht

Cost-effective solution to major health problems in piglets

Hypothermia of newborn piglets, damp piglet nests, diarrhoea, and intestinal health are the main problems in the farrowing and weaning house. 
Research by veterinarians shows that extra heating of the piglet nests and weaning houses is the most important factor in solving all these problems. 
With Inno+ heat recovery you can solve health problems in the farrowing and weaning houses cost-effectively.

Cold causes poor resistance and intestinal health in piglets

Chilled piglets drink less (colostrum). Research by veterinarians shows that when young piglets are not warm enough they also suffer from poor intestinal health. Blood (and therefore heat) flows first to the major organs, such as the heart, lungs, and brain. Less vital organs, such as the intestines, have poor circulation. This slows digestion in the intestines, and the body absorbs less nutrients. Poor digestion leads to reduced growth and to proteins in the large intestine, which are an excellent breeding ground for pathogens such as E. coli and Clostridium.

Moisture and inadequate ventilation as reservoir for pathogens

Damp piglet nests and excessive humidity in the house. These form the ideal breeding ground for pathogens. Minuscule moisture particles in the house air are also an ideal means of transport for viruses and bacteria. They move from animal to animal and from section to section. More heat in the farrowing and weaning house eliminates moisture. You can ventilate more without the risk of cold and draughts. Pathogens are less likely to survive.

Affordable heat through 65% energy savings

Pigs produce a lot of heat that escapes from your barn daily through the ventilated air. 
Inno+ developed the special Triple EEE system for farrowing and weaning houses. This enables sow farmers to recover sustainable heat via their air scrubbers or the central ventilation duct. They use recovered heat in underfloor heating and to preheat incoming air. 
Inno+ ensures it is used effectively. This not only improves the climate in the house and the health of your animals but also reduces energy consumption by 65%.

New heat exchanger with even higher efficiency

Inno+ is using a new heat exchanger in its new Triple EEE concept for farrowing and weaning houses that is even more efficient. More information is available at stand 12.F060 during VIV Europe in Utrecht or at Inno+ has an extensive dealer network for coverage in the Netherlands and far beyond.