Inno+ introduces plug-and-play module for heat recovery

During VIV Europe in Utrecht, Inno+ will present its new plug-and-play module for heat recovery. The compactly designed plug-and-play module includes a pump, plate heat exchanger, and control system and is quick and easy to install. The new plug-and-play module is part of the Inno+ Triple EEE house concept.

More heat in your houses better for animal health

Pigs produce a lot of heat, which in many cases currently leaves the house with the ventilated air. More heat in pig houses can contribute to better animal health in many ways. That is why Inno+ is developing house systems that allow pig farmers to recover sustainable heat from their pig houses. The new plug-and-play module is part of the Triple EEE concept. Using just 1 kW of energy, no less than 77 kW of energy can be obtained for heating pig houses by recovering heat. The recovered heat can be used to heat all the incoming house air to a minimum of 8 °C in the winter. This allows farmers to continue to ventilate optimally, even on cold days, in order to deal with moisture on the walls, draughts among the animals, and fluctuations in the house climate. The new plug-and-play module for heat recovery can be used in houses where the ventilation air exits the house via one central point. The module can recover heat from ventilation air (air/air) or air scrubber water (water/air). Triple EEE is truly sustainable energy. In addition to energy for heating incoming ventilation air, it also provides sufficient energy for heating underfloor heating, a private home, or liquid feed. Triple EEE delivers energy savings of 87% compared to conventional livestock house heating systems.

More information

The new Inno+ plug-and-play module for heat recovery includes an automatic control system, a plate heat exchanger, and a pump that are matched to each other to create an optimally functioning system. The plug-and-play prefab module is pretested at Inno+ and can then be installed quickly and easily. The module is compact in design so it can be easily integrated into every new and existing situation.