Inno+ introduces dust filtration and heat recovery for the poultry industry at VIV Europe

New air cleaning concept for reduction of fine dust, odour, and endotoxins

For poultry farmers who want to reduce dust, ammonia, and odour, Inno+ already offers an extensive range of air scrubbing systems. For business owners only concerned about reducing dust, Inno+ will introduce a new air cleaning concept based on dust filtration during VIV Europe in Utrecht. Business owners can easily meet the emission requirements while maintaining the same number of chickens or even expanding.

Effortlessly meet the emission requirements for particulate matter

The Inno+ dust filter system is preferably used in barns where the ventilation air is discharged to the outdoors via a single, central point. The dry filter with high air permeability is placed upstream of the fans. This means that house air containing fine dust is drawn through the filter package. In order to continuously guarantee the ventilation capacity, the dust filter system is equipped with an automatic cleaning system. It cleans the filter with compressed air four to twelve times a day.

Up to 99% particulate filtering and 39% odour reduction

With the Inno+ filter system it is possible to filter up to 99% of all fine dust (PM10 and PM2.5) from the house air. Measurements show that removing dust also eliminates 99% of all endotoxins and 39% of odour. The Inno+ dust filters, specially designed for the poultry industry, are semi-circular in shape. The surface area for dust removal is therefore extra large, and the cleaning mechanism can do its job extra well. The filters are made of polyester filter media that is easily cleaned with water.

Inno+ heat recovery from dust filter systems

Chickens produce a lot of heat. You lose this heat every day, as it is carried away with the discharged ventilation air. For users of the Inno+ dust filter system there is good news. They can use their dust filter in combination with a concept for recovering heat from their poultry houses. Once it passes through the dust filter, fans then draw the warm house air through specially developed heat exchangers. The heat recovered from the house air is transferred to the fresh incoming outside air via the heat exchangers. By preheating the incoming air in the house, you lower the moisture content and reduce draughts in your poultry house.

More information

Inno+ supplies both air/air and air/water heat exchangers. Depending on your specific situation, Inno+ helps you choose the best solution for air cleaning and heating. Inno+ has an extensive dealer network for coverage in the Netherlands and far beyond.