Inno+ develops an innovative Air Scrubber for composting

90 to 95% ammonia reduction and >70% dust reduction in manure treatment

The CompoLiner Air Scrubber module is developed for the Big Dutchman CompoLiner composting concept. Big Dutchman is known as market leader in the sector. On five continents, in over 100 countries, our name stands for long-lasting quality, unique know-how and our technological innovations in modern animal husbandry.

These modules are completely prefabricated Air Scrubbers in a plastic housing, dimensioned such that one module can clean the exhaust air from one CompoLiner system. With the new air scrubbers, up to 90 to 95% ammonia reduction and 70% dust reduction can be achieved. This is increasingly important in today’s society as standards for ammonia and dust emissions are tightened worldwide.

Easy on-site placement

The module is fitted with a technical room on the side in which all the technical parts are mounted. This makes on-site placement as quick and easy as possible.

Next to the technical room is a room for placement of the acid container and fitted with the acid pump, safety provisions and an emergency shower.

Schematic view of the Air Scrubber:

  • Entry of exhaust air from the CompoLiner system at a central point in the front of the scrubber through the attachment of the air duct from the CompoLiner
  • In the front compartment the air is guided to both sides and diffused before it enters the scrubber compartment
  • Horizontal filter package that is sprinkled from above to clean the air based on the countercurrent principle (trickling filter). Ammonia, dust, particulate matter and odour components are dissolved in the process water. The ammonia (gas) is thereby converted to ammonium (dissolved)

Schematic view of the Air Scrubber:

  • The process water is recirculated until it reaches a certain pollution level. This is measured with a conductivity sensor which represents the Nitrogen content of the process water
  • Some of the process water is then pumped to the waste water tank (handled through automated valves) and fresh water is added to the process water
  • The pH value of the process water is automatically measured and regulated
  • Demister / droplet separator above the filter package to remove as much of the water from the air as possible to retain it in the scrubber

Schematic of the scrubbing process


Intake gas concentrations:Up to 300 ppm NH3 (Ammonia)
Up to 20 mg/m3 dust
Maximum ventilation:30.000 m3/h
Max. concentration after the scrubber:15 – 30 ppm NH3 (Ammonia)
Ammonia reduction:90 – 95%
Dust reduction:>70%


Dimensions module:L x W x H: 9,54 x 2,25 x 2,7 m
Dimensions filter package:L x W x H: 6,3 x 1,4 x 0,9 m
pH setting:2,5
Set point waste water drain: 250 mS
Pump:4 kW, approx. 110 m3/h

If you would like more information about the CompoLiner Airscrubber, please contact us here.