Compoliner air scrubber to China

This week we shipped a Compoliner airscrubber to China

Big Dutchman recently sold a CompoLiner with air cleaning project in China. This was for a large broiler breeder site with a capacity of about 180.000 bird places based in Hunan province (approx. 1.500 km south of Beijing). Installation of the system will start in April 2020.

Legal requirements

With the introduction of ‘CompoLiner with air cleaning’, the customer will meet legal requirements regards environmental planning and at the same time produce a high-quality profitable fertilizer (compost). This turnkey solution from Big Dutchman group and its subsidiary company Inno+, will consist of broiler breeder equipment, the CompoLiner system and a highly efficiency air cleaning solution developed and produced in the Netherlands. Big Dutchman and Inno+ are looking forward to the implementation of this system in Hunan, China.

More about the De CompoLiner airscrubber

The CompoLiner air scrubber module is developed for the Big Dutchman CompoLiner composting concept. These modules are complete prefab air scrubbers in a 40 ft plastic housing, dimensioned such that one module can clean the exhaust air from one CompoLiner system. The module is outfitted with a technical room on the side in which all the technical parts are mounted. This makes on-site placement as quick and easy as possible.

Next to the technical room is a room for placement of the acid container and outfitted with the acid pump and safety provisions like an emergency shower.

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