Inno+ realize ‘ultimate climate’ with the Van Asten Group

Inno+ has developed a new climate concept with the Van Asten group in the Netherlands. A company that produces pigs for the Dutch and German markets. The system produces warmth in the winter and cooling in the summer. The cooling concept has two functions. First, a nice and comfortable work environment is created for the people that work at the farm. Second, a good productivity is guaranteed for the sows by keeping the air cool and keeping the humidity to a minimum.

The main benefit for all the animals on the farm, is that we achieve an even climate all year around. This leads to animals eating well and a good productivity for the farm.

Shaping tomorrow, performing today

When the Triple EEE concept is installed, it allows us to regain warm air that the animals produce, making it very efficient to pre heat the outside air coming into the farm buildings. This means less peaks and cold troughs that make it chilly for the pigs. During winter, warm water is taken from the air scrubber into the triple EEE system and runs over a specifically designed heat exchanger. The warm energy is then ‘exchanged’ to clean water, which is used to transport the warmth to the air inlets at the side of the house. The incoming air is then treated as it enters the house during the coldest periods. The temperature varies from -10 degrees to +10 degrees Celsius. The energy conversion is 1 to 77, which means 1 kW of electricity is used to deliver 77kw of thermal energy. This is extremely efficient.

The cooling system is based on two circuits. The first delivers cool water to the air inlets and brings back water that has been warmed by the incoming air in the summer. This is then stored in a buffer tank, the purpose of which is to protect the cooling machine from continuous starting and stopping as an effect of temperature variations. The tank also acts as a central storage point for the water, supplying both circuits. The second circuit feeds the stored water to the cooling machine that refridgerates, using a compressor to cool the water flowing through it and dissipates the heat by passing air across the system and blowing the heat out.

The big advantage of this system apart from cooling is that it also keeps the humidity to a minimum as it ‘dry cools’. This summer during a peak period when the air temperature outside was above 35 degrees Celsius and the humidity approximately 60%, we compared two rooms on the farm using this system. One with our dry system and another still on evaporation cooling. The difference was dramatic with the wet cooling system registering 76% and the new system running at around 45% humidity.

Air inlets are supplied with the treated water by pipes that run along the side of the farm building, running in the blue inlet tubes either warm or cold depending on the outside climate and needs of the animals. The water then returns to the systems to be retreated accordingly. Another benefit is that the farm has its own solar panels which means enough electricity is available to power the system. This is especially important during the summer, because the panels are working at maximum to support the extra load required to keep the pigs cool.

Interested in good climate conditions and sustainable production in your stables?

Both Inno+ and Van Asten group see the potential of this system for farmers who are looking to the future, understand the importance of investing in a good climate and are focussed on delivering sustainable production.

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