Inno+ launches a new generation in airscrubbing

Inno+ has a very good reputation when it comes to reduction of ammonia, odor and particulate emissions. In the past 15 years, various projects have been realized in and outside the Netherlands whereby emissions of harmful substances have been reduced considerably. In addition, some energy-neutral stables have already been realized!

Global call for emissions reduction at livestock farms

The demand for emission reduction is becoming increasingly stronger worldwide. On the one hand to achieve the environmental objectives but also to ensure a good balance in the living environment. Commissioned by mother company Big Dutchman (the leading supplier of innovative equipment for modern poultry and pig production worldwide) Inno+ has started to further optimize its air scrubber systems and produce plug-and-play solutions. The latter is important in order to easily install the air scrubbers worldwide.

Up to 90% reduction of ammonia emissions of new air scrubber Porcus

“Thanks to the knowledge, skills and 15 years of experience of our engineers – who work closely with pig farms – we have succeeded in developing a plug-and-play chemical air scrubber that reduces ammonia emissions by up to 90%. In addition, we have an biological air scrubber that reduces ammonia emissions by at least 70%, odour by 45% and fine dust by 60%.” According to Maurice Ortmans founder. “But perhaps it is even more important that this Porcus air scrubber is easy to transport and implement. In this way, the air scrubber can be used worldwide to further reduce emissions and improve barn conditions”.

365 days a year

In order to actually reduce emissions of harmful substances and odour nuisance, good air scrubbers are necessary. The current generation are too often of poor quality or so complex that they are difficult to install and maintain. As a result, the efficiency of these scrubbers is low. During the development of the Porcus it was therefore a requirement that the air scrubber is easy to transport, install and maintain. This is why the air scrubber is equipped as a complete, prefabricated module. In this module there is a room, in which all technical parts are mounted. This makes on-site installation and maintenance as easy as possible.

In this way, pig farmers worldwide can achieve a good return on investment 365 days a year and greatly reduce emissions. We guarantee this with the new Porcus air scrubber. Air scrubbing only provides a return if the farmer sees it as a tool to allow production growth and therefore more profit. As a product on its own, it’s a cost moneywise, but a benefit to the environment and our neighbours.