Air scrubber information dashboard – by Inno+

Information dashboard

Over recent months, the Inno plus development team have been busy designing an Information dashboard and reporting tool to help our customers and service engineers monitor our air scrubbers in the field better. The aim is that if we can monitor how our technology is operating, there is a good chance we can ensure optimal performance. This approach also means our scrubbers offer greater guarantees for the farmer, their neighbours and the environment about reduced emissions from the farm.

The advantages

The system, which runs in the cloud constantly, talks to the air scrubber control on the farm and gathers data that it stores in a central database. This information is then available to our customers and anyone else they decide needs access to the information. Be that their local dealer responsible for maintaining the performance of the air scrubber or the local authority that needs to make periodic checks for permitting, to have the necessary information at hand.

Apart from that up to date information in the form of a dashboard where all scrubbers in operation for a farm or group of farms can be monitored. The system also provides graphs on key performance indicators such as pH and Conductivity (Nitrogen concentration) levels where the user can look at trends to see recent changes that may have occurred. The system also rates the performance of the air scrubber over a given period based on measures ‘out of 10’, which allows the user to assess overall performance. This approach will be a big step forward for farmers who up until now have sometimes had to deal with inspection during a particularly challenging period without the ability to prove good overall performance.  This new feature will hopefully open the door for better dialogue with farmers and authorities in the future.

Insightful reports

The system also allows the farmer to create a PDF report that can be shared or stored for reference later. Our air scrubber information dashboard is the first in a series of online tools we plan to release. These will allow our customers to not only prove good performance in terms of emissions management, but also energy recovery using our technology. Our final goal is to provide a tool that assesses overall building performance in terms of environmental sustainability or ‘Licence to produce’.

Key takeaways

  • Online dashboard – that provides up to date information about air scrubber performance. This included the ability to filter on air scrubber type and performance level, sufficient/insufficient.
  • Site information sheet – with list on scrubbers, ability to create a PDF report and send via email.
  • Spreadsheet download of all data in the dashboard for further analysis.

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Feel free to download these examples to get an idea of how data of the information dashboard is shown in a report:

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