The INNO+ systems are maintenance-friendly, reliable, and suitable for every situation. INNO+ has a wealth of knowledge concerning the laws and regulations in the poultry sector, and with our air scrubbers and comprehensive solutions you are well prepared for the future in this complex area as well. The TerraSea concept is one of the innovative concepts developed by INNO+. The key features are a constant climate, low-maintenance air scrubbing, and around 60% energy savings.

Operation and benefits:

  • Heating, cooling, and ventilation without draughts
  • Manageable, constant climate; the system compensates for highs and lows in the outdoor climate
  • Improved animal performance
  • Low maintenance air scrubber
  • Energy savings of 60% compared to conventional livestock house through use of three free energy sources: ground-source heat for cooling and heating; underfloor heating to bring incoming ventilation air up to temperature; heat from the discharged air recovered in the air scrubber
  • Complete control over animal production conditions
  • Only pre-conditioned air enters the house, and therefore the air can enter at animal level (cross ventilation) and the maximum required ventilation is low: 2.5 m3/chick per hour.

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